Thursday, September 9, 2010

wheat free glueten free sugar free diet

Ok I kid you not my friend just found out he has a wheat free glueten free sugar free diet so I am on a mission to help him out. This whole next section will be dedicated to him and my other friend who found out that most of her children are allregic to wheat. How do I know so much about it? When I lived in Tucson I got so sick they couldnt figure out why ran alot of test and thought that the awnser was indeed the fact that I was allergic to wheat. I had to read every label in the book. Got so frusterated I was ready to scream. Not only that but everything wheat free glueten free sugar free is expensive. So I have decided I am going to take that challenge and write down what I know food. Glorious food. I will say right now Red mills is great. It was what is his name .Bob something shoot I will have to look him up but you can order Red Mills products online for alot cheaper then at the grocery store where they charge alot more..So my next few sections will be about wheat free sugar free diet

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