Saturday, July 24, 2010

cheaper grocieries

One thing I found that helped me on grocieries was waiting for the grocery adds each week and going and getting only what is on sale setting a budget each week and stocking up on that item say if tuna was 4 for 1 then I buy 2 or 3 dollars worth of tuna that week. Also if corn was 5 for 1 try to get as much as I can before I know it wont waiste. It is so important to rotate your food storage so it doesnt go bad. Also I stock up on dry milk so if there is ever a week that we have no money for some odd reason I can pull out the powdered milk and make that up. Its really not bad if you add a little bit of vanilla into it for flavor. Also make sure you keep it cold. Cheese....we buy a lot of it when its on sale and put it in the freezer if you buy the brick and you want to shred it then make sure you let it get to room temperature before shredding otherwise it will get really crumbly. Also its not a bad idea to invest in a extra freezer if you have space. That way you can put all the food there. that went on sale during the week. I find as long as I have flour sugar butter milk and eggs and cheese my family will never go hungry. Invest in the time to learn how to cook and do it from scratch you save so much money and its healthier.

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